Personalized Stress Management (PSM) Products & Services presents a new, exciting approach to stress management and includes the essentials necessary for successful coping at all levels.

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At PSM Products and Services, our aim is to provide our visitors with meaningful information, along with useful tools, that are necessary for mastering the stressful demands of day-to-day living. Our program design focuses on self-reliance, building confidence, and taking control of how we are affected by stress. Though we cannot always control the stressor or stress-perpetrator, we can always control the way we respond to stress and minimize how it affects us. In addition to PSM products and services, we also give exposure to other sites that provide quality goods and services that are related to managing stress, and improving the character of daily living. If you’re unable to find what you are looking for under the side-link headings, please feel free to use the automated PSM search engine below. If you like our site or have used our services, please share your experiences.

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Counseling & Consulting Services

By Joseph L Gill, LMFT

Specialities include: Individual, relationship, and marital counseling and psychotherapy.  ("Click "Specialities" side link)

When stress reaches a crisis level that goes beyond self-help or self-management, it requires professional intervention.  Counseling and Consulting Services, provided by Joseph L. Gill, LMFT, are available to meet these concerns.  Using the PSM model, all services are personalized and designed to meet individual needs.