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Publicity Department
Counseling & Consulting Services Pub.
920 Saratoga Ave.
Suite #205
San Jose, CA. 95129

Dear Publicist:

PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT: A MANUAL FOR EVERYDAY LIFE AND WORK was featured on our programming. Enclosed for your files is a copy of the show outline.

On each program I select for inclusion those titles that in my evaluation and assessment are among the best currently available in print and accessible to my audiences. 

Joseph Gill’s PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT is eminently deserving of the widest possible readership. It is personally satisfying as a reviewer to come across work of such of consistently excellent caliber.

Please send me your current catalog.

Review copies and publicity releases of your spring titles for inclusion into our early spring programming would also be appreciated.

Best regards,
James A Cox

JAC: cbm

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