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Joseph L. Gill is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). At San Jose State University, he has taught courses in stress management, diversity, and health. At many community colleges he has taught industrial and developmental psychology. He is a prominent clinician and currently maintains a private practice in San Jose California. In addition to private practice, at a corporate level, he provides stress management training and consulting for many Employee Assistance Programs in the San Francisco South-bay Area.
Through his years of extensive experience, he has developed an approach to health and stress management that draws from what appears to be the best in theory and application of the various doctrines and disciplines of the helping professions. In Socratic style, he uses a systems approach to analytical principles. His applications are sensitive, perceptive, systematic, and paced according to clients' ability to understand and make prescribed changes that will make a positive difference in their lives.
In addition to Joseph Gill’s many years of experience and practice as a therapist, lecturer, and consultant he has also been inspired to offer his style and approach to better mental and physical health at a self-management and preventive level. This has been documented in his Personalized stress management Manual for everyday life and work as well as his relaxation experience CD. Over his many years of practice, anyone who has experienced his services as a professor, therapist, consultant, workshop facilitator, or life coach would gladly give testimony to the positive difference he has made in their lives.

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