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PESONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT… a manual for everyday life and work… by Joseph L. Gill, M.S. Published by Counseling and Consulting Services Publications… 920 Saratoga Ave., Suite 205, San Jose, CA 95129… 

 The book deals with stress .. how to recognize it .. how to deal with it .. and most of all .. how to overcome it .. Stress is the nation’s leading killer .. how you feel .. how you react towards others emotional behavior .. what they say .. what they do .. the tone of there voice, the look in their eye .. ALL has great bearing on YOU, THE REACTOR .. the person who must deal with all those he lives with .. works with .. meets day to day .. how he reacts to the policeman who walks up to him and says ‘ let me see your license.’

If you feel threatened .. offended .. it is because of your own lack of inner peace .. security .. confidence. If you have long since developed a love for people .. a regard for other human beings .. if you have a respect for the innocence of children .. a keen understanding of why it is that people say and do the things they say and do .. and that 9 times out of 10, they really don’t care enough about you to work themselves up into an emotional state to cause you hurt of harm .. when you pass by a barking dog enclosed in his yard .. always remember, don’t take his loud barking personally .. the dog barks at everyone passing by .. to take it personally, like ‘why should that dog bark at me .. I’m really very nice once you get to know me’ .. ‘besides, I’m very pretty or handsome to look at .. barking at me like that!’ How can it be so dumb??

The book gives a comprehensive understanding of stress, and provides a personalized program that will help you reduce, minimize, and control stress in all aspects of day-to-day living.

You want to keep from losing your mind??? Find peace and happiness in a book that is entitled: PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT by Joseph L. Gill, M.S.

--By Dr Francois Langlois


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