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Finally, a New Twist to Successful Stress Management:
Focus on the Stress Response rather than the Stress Stimulus

In a new and revised edition, Personalized Stress Management: A Manual for Everyday Life and Work, Joseph L. Gill takes an innovative and viable approach to mastering stress in life. "By focusing on the personal management of one's response to stress," says Gill, "youtap into the area where there is the greatest prospect for the most effective means ofmanagement." Whereas the ability to constrain the stimulus or cause of stress is often minimal and at times non-existent, the likelihood for controlling and monitoring one's own personal response is well within limits and offers the highest potential for success. In this fresh and exciting edition of Personalized Stress Management, Gill provides a complete and detailed understanding of stress, introduces practical stress management tools,and supplies guides for stress assessment, goal setting, evaluations, and follow-up support. His captivating and passionate writing style offers enjoyable reading while providing useable information and guidance. The approachable and easy-to-follow format of the book makes it highly versatile and produces effective results whether used independently, as a text for teaching, or as a guide for workshop facilitators. Joseph L. Gill, MS, LMFT is a pioneer and master in the field of stress management. Recently, he has released a compact disk titled, "PSM RELAXATION EXPERIENCE." He has taught courses in stress management, diversity, and health at San Jose State University. He is a prominent clinician and consultant, and currently maintains a private practice in San Jose, California.

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