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This is an awesome Book
"This book has something for everyone. If you need information on how to take control of your life in a fast changing society or world you will find it in this book. I liked the first edition of this book, but the second edition includes additional topics. The Topics I liked the most are, “Stress and Nutrition,” and “Career/Career Pursuits.” Over all I think this is an excellent book for any family especially if they have children".
--Felton Jackson Jr. License Real Estate Appraiser.

A timely publication
"This book has been needed for a long time. It is well written and goes to the heart of one of the most pressing problems in our society. Individuals taking responsibility for the stress buildup in their lives. The explaination and examples are very clear and easy to use. I found this book very rewarding to read and use".
--Raphael Colar Ms Psychology, Retired Probation Manager

Stress: A fresh look on an age-old issue.
"Joseph breaths new life into what's long been a household word - stress. Not only does he outline a comprehensive paradigm on the subject, he also includes the most important ingredient in long-lasting lifestyle changes for reducing stress- the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is with the aid of commitment contracts for each component related to stress management. As Goethe says,' Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, and ineffectiveness. Bravo to Joseph Gill for keeping stress management at the forefront of our busy minds".
--Pat Bishop MA, MFT,a licensed psychotherapist

Personalized Stress Management
"I found this to be a wonderful well written book and should prove of benefit to any adult 18 years of age or older. It would have certainly be helpful to me in my early years. I found Mr.Gill's book to be well organized, most informative, practical, useful, easy to read, and should be quite helpful when implemented into daily use.The comprehensive coverage of the subject matter reflects an approach that could only be formulated by a very competent practitioner. If the recommendations are personally implemented, one should benefit from improved mental hygiene. Mr. Gill should be commended for a job well done".
--A reviewer, a retired aerospace executive

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