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PSM Relaxation Experience CD  Information and Editorial Contact: Maya Gaspar, Public Relations Mgr.

Personalized Stress Management (PSM)

The Personalized Stress Management (PSM) RELAXATION EXPERIENCE CD is designed to aid in developing relaxation competence. This a stress management tool that provides a viable alternative to the current medical model of prescribing sleeping pills and muscle relaxants to relieve symptoms of stress. It is a very convenient and all natural means of controlling key aspects of stress, including muscle tension, erratic sleep patterns, and fatigue, There are no side negative side effects or unwanted chemical addictions. No physical exertion, and nothing to ingest. Just find a little privacy, slip in the disc, put on the headphones and prepare for a refreshing adventure in relaxation success.

When under stress, our bodies shift from a position of relaxation, and moves to one of alertness and resistance. This reaction places us under stress. The first thing we tend to do when under stress is to hold our breath and tense our muscles. This is our natural survival instinct. Unless there is an imminent threat to our life and limb, we can control that response by simply learning to relax. You cannot be relaxed and stressed at the same time. The concepts are incompatible. Consequently, by learning to relax, we can learn to counter and take control of our stress response while alleviating physical symptoms.

The PSM Relaxation Experience CD is a continuation in the development of the PSM model for managing stress developed by Joseph L. Gill, MS, and LMFCC. A pioneer and proficient instructor in stress management training; on this CD he has combined autogenic and guided imagery to provide a valuable stress management resource. His relaxing voice, background of pleasant nature sounds, and soothing synthesized music puts together a delightful and captivating listening experience that you will enjoy over and over again.

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CD title: Personalized Stress Management RELAXATION EXPERIENCE
by Joseph L. Gill, M.S.
Barcode: 656613226025 14.95.
PSM Products & Services.
920 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA 95129. (408) 246-1128

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