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Personalized Stress Management 
Relaxation Experience CD
Track Descriptions
--Track 1: Progressive Relaxation:
This track provides the listener with a state of physical relaxation. It relaxes each section of the body progressing from lower areas, moving to the middle, and on to the upper portions. It begins with the feet, ending at the head and facial regions, producing complete physical relaxation.

--Track 2: Descending Relaxation
On the second track the author secures the listener's state of relaxation by moving the listener to a deeper state and inducing a feeling of heaviness throughout the body. Descending relaxation provides better access to mental images.

--Track 3: Relaxation Journey:
Through guided imagery, this track takes the listener on a sensuous back-to nature experience. The experience provides a sense of connectedness that brings one closer to self and nature in such a way that it builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Before returning, the listener is familiarized with his environment to provide assurance that one can return to this same place of relaxation at will.

--Track 4: Returning Home:
On this track, with the mission of relaxation accomplished, the listener is prepared and guided towards a pleasant return from his relaxation journey. Upon return, the option is given to continue with relaxation, or return to a regular state of alertness.

-Track 5: Serenity:
On this track, against the back-ground trickle of a soothing creek and the sounds of seagulls gracing the waves of a peaceful ocean, synthesized music provides a synergistic effect reminiscent of the overall relaxation experience. Thistrack leaves the listener with a very satisfying sense of continuing relaxation.


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