Central themes of jlGillphotos include Images of landscapes, sunsets, oceans, mountains, trees, and all things of nature.  They also include cultural events and people of diverse environments.  Exposure to such images are like virtual vacations that allow us to feel away and removed from the stresses of work, and struggles of everyday living.  Beautiful photos soothe the mind and console the heart by creating a more natural and comforting environment, rendering a feeling of being away and finding happiness in a stress free environment.

*The photo prints sizes are available in 5”x7”, 8”x10”, and 11”x14”, Simi-Gloss or High-Gloss, matted or unmated. 

*Frame-size Matting: [8x10 inch-Mat for 5”x7” Photos]; [11x14 inch-Mat for the 8”x10” Photos], and [20x16 inch-Mat for 11”x14” photos]


Single orders:  Brouse the theme-galleries listed above, select the photos that will brighten your day.  Jot down the Photo Stock#, go to bottom of the page and “Click to ORDER”.  

Using the pull-down menu below select the desired photo size (Matted or un Matted) , photo finish (Gloss or Simi-Gloss), type the Stock#, in the text box and place your order.

Multiple orders:  For multiple orders and photo sizes you may place your order by Email (click Email icon below).  Simply list the quantity, description and price, photo finish, as in the pull down windows, and stock#’s for each item.  Include your phone# (and best times to call) in the email and have a credit card ready ready for payment.  FREE shipping for multiple orders..

Joseph L. Gill, MS, LMFT

A California State licensed mental health professional and specializes in relaxation training and stress management,  He combines his practice with photography designed for relaxation and encourages a sense of connection with all things in nature, as a proactive means of managing the stresses.

Specializing in Relaxation Photography that includes Apps, speciality wall photos  and calendars, travel and scenic slideshows, books,  and albums for attractive table and desktop display. 

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