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Art, photos, and paintings, that provide visual exposure to natural settings and images can have a profound effect on stress levels in just about any environment. To look up at or even pass by a photo or piece of artwork that reminds us of our place in nature can actually lower our blood pressure and reduce tension in our muscles. When we cannot get away, photos and images of places that we would like to be allows us to go there mentally while unable to escape physically. Even if it is just a glimpse, it can change our focus for a moment that reduces our level of stress for that moment.

Back-to-nature images work best as they project an image of solitude, peace and quiet that is hard to find in our work and often-everyday life. It appears that science and technology are on the move and are continually revolutionizing our society. The more we rely on it the more we distance ourselves from nature. Additionally we lose sight of ourselves, our connection with nature, and a support of something that is there naturally for us whenever we get a chance to take advantage of it.

Images and photos of nature are like a virtual vacation that allow us to get away from feelings of stress or being in a stressful environment. They soothe the mind and console the heart by creating a more natural and comforting environment, and a feeling of getting or being away from it all.

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