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PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT, by Joseph L. Gill, MS, Counseling & Counseling Services Publications, 920 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129. -- Who's got time to read this book? Probably very few people. But practically anyone would prosper from a close reading and adherence to the program that family counselor Joseph L. Gill outlines in PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT.

     At one time or another, we all experience the "shoulds," that feeling of pressure to do something.  Gill helps us identify those stressful points in our lives, shows us how to make a commitment to change and outlines a repertoire of skills needed to promote un-stressed living.  His program comes in six steps: 

1) mental conditioning, 
2) organization and time/energy assessment, 
3) goal assessment for each aspect of life, 
4) decision and planning, 
5) plan implementation and 6) evaluation.

     PERSONALIZED STRESS MANAGEMENT offers advice to making one's own haven from the growing stress of modern life.



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