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Because our spirit is universal, it just so happens that we are much more spiritual than we are physical. Spirituality is the connection between our mind and body. It is our invisible connection to all things. The nature and quality of our connection determines if our spirit is high or low. Low spirits spells depression and indicates a feeling of isolation and disconnection. High spirits on the other hand spell elation or happiness and feeling good and secure in our connections with others. We can improve the quality of our lives simply by tuning into the growth and level of our spirituality. A happy spirit is a happy mind and happy minds are much more stress resistant than those that are not.

Spirituality is a very misunderstood subject. Resulting from the Cartesian (Descartes) principals, spirituality has been restricted to that of religion and church for hundreds of years. Most people when they are asked about spirituality will automatically associate it with God or a formal religion. Religion is an institutionalized and organized form of worship; at the core of most religions is a faith in God or a higher power.

Religious faith is recognized as the strength of one’s belief in their chosen religion. Many people have little trust in religions and their beliefs and faith may not go beyond themselves. For many, religions could be viewed as a threat to their own personal covenants they have carved out for themselves to avoid surrender to religious doctrines and codes of personal conduct. Still others for whatever reasons fear or distrust anything that they do not have personal control over.

Religion includes spirituality but spirituality does not necessarily include religion. Everyone who has life has spirituality simply by the nature of his or her mind-body connection. Life and the spirit of living is the synergistic result of interaction between the mind and body.  Death, on the other hand, is the result of their separation. One need not dread or deny their spirituality, or stunt their spiritual growth, because of their fears of identification with a formal religion. Religion is one of many pathways or channels to spirituality. Those who do choose religious identification and practice simply have an added dimension to their search and growth towards spirituality.

In addition to church and religions, spirituality can be accessed or channeled through close relations with family and friends, community involvement, giving to others, experiencing nature, meditation and deep relaxation, and extending love to all living things of the universe. All such endeavors provide spiritual growth through bonding and connectedness. Spirituality is synonymous with intimacy, love, trust, humility, vulnerability, being in touch with, and sharing ones feelings. These are vital essentials to spiritual growth. As the traditional Sufi Sage would profess, "The ways and roads to spirituality are as many as the breaths of human beings."

Source: Personalized Stress Management: A Manual for Everyday Life and Work
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