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Stress Books and CDs are excellent resources for both education and practical application of relaxation tools. Most of them are really easy-to-read and have lots of clever tips, techniques and ideas. They help you identify symptoms of stress and provide alternative approaches to managing those symptoms. There are books and CDs that cover every aspect of stress and approaches to managing it.

Personalized Stress Management: A Manual for Everyday Life and Work is a model for a comprehensive overall approach to managing stress. As noted in a book review by The Therapist Magazine, "It draws from an array of disciplines and approaches to stress management considers analytical views, Behavioral models, and cognitive approaches to provide a comprehensive understanding.” 

The PSM Relaxation Experience CD is a practical tool for Relaxation and getting to sleep on demand. It also provides guided meditation. This is helpful for those who have tried meditation but have been frustrated by distractions. It also provides a number of relaxation exercises and training such as progressive relaxation and deep breathing.

Personalized Stress Management: A Manual for Everyday Life and Work
Joseph L. Gill, CCSPublications
PSM Relaxation Experience CD
Joseph L. Gill, CCSPublication

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