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Vacations are the only things we can take with us if we leave this world. If enjoyed and used for its purpose, it makes a permanent imprint on the spirit of our mind. Vacations should have a purpose that is related to giving something back to the mind and body. A reward to the mind and body for what it has given and carried throughout a certain length of time. A minimum gift should be at least two weeks a year. There should be intermittent token gifts in the interim such as weekend getaways, outings, walks, or hikes. There are 52 weeks in a year. It is punishment not to take two of those 52 weeks and commit to giving something back to the mind and body. Studies have shown that men and women who take vacations increase their longevity by as much as 20%. That they are less likely to be depressed, burned out, or tense.

Most employers are aware of diminished productivity and quality of work related to employees who work year round without adequate breaks and getaways. Vacations are suppose to be set aside for the purpose of taking a time out, reconnecting, or getting back to nature. However, rather than finding solitude and peace, we tend to visit places that provide more stimulation rather than less. Often we spend our time in the midst of fellow tourist and tourist trappings that, other than the scenery, the experience is not much different than what we attempted to get away from.

Taking a vacation or getting away should remove us from the environment that brings stress upon us. Just taking a few ways off from work does not get the job done. We must remove ourselves from the environment that bring on or perpetrates stress and spend time in one that by the nature of that environment relieves stress and encourages us to let our guards down, relax, and let go.

So when we consider vacations it is beneficial to think in terms of how and the best way it can be used to recharge our batteries and provide rejuvenation from the wear and tear we place on our bodies and minds for the remaining 50 weeks a year that we don’t feel we have time for vacation. The body and mind is built for stress. However when we place ourselves under strain for extended periods of time we break down and erode beyond our consciousness and may not even feel that we need avocation. But we do. People who have good communication with their body and mind are able to tune in to those needs and concede to them. They put vacations on their calendar and plan ahead. If getting away is not planned for, and the need for it recognized, it is less likely to happen.

Source: Personalized Stress Management: A Manual for Everyday Life and Work
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